Transmission fluid flushes are the best way to make sure your transmission lasts the life of your vehicle.  Each manufacturer has a recommended interval for fluid replacement.  There are a few manufacturers that claim to be “lubed for life.” We feel that is a ridiculous claim. All fluids break down over time and should be replaced when needed.

Some transmissions have filters.  When we replace the filter we always do a fluid flush first.  This will allow the old filter to trap contaminants that may be circulating in the old fluid or loosened by the flush process.  Then we remove the transmission pan to replace the transmission filter and gasket and refill the fluid.  Proper fluid maintenance can relieve the need for transmission filter replacement.

We also can replace your transmission, using rebuilt or used parts depending on your situation and budget. If it is a manual transmission we can rebuild it ourselves otherwise all rebuilt automatic transmissions have a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty.